It’s all about the Tequila

We are hosting our first ever Tequila tasting, featuring three of our finest!

So what makes Tequila different and what makes this tasting so special, Everything. All Tequilas like any fine spirit have different accent points, we will explore the different flavor tones from our Silver, Reposado and añejo. To make things even better we are going to be featuring Corralejo, Casa Noble and Tres Agaves, each with their own unique flavors.

The following is our Tequila Aromas / Flavors wheel that will help us understand our different Tequilas better, for example this is how Tres Agaves describes their Silver Tequila:

“100% de Agave. Estate Grown. Unaged. Vibrant and sweet agave aromas dominate with supporting notes of citrus, pear, and hints of wild mint. A pleasing taste and silky texture make it ideal for sipping or mixin”

Come join us for this special night February 13th at 6:30 PM!